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  • Place the AED so you can see both the screen and the victim
  • Turn on the AED
  • Plug in the eletrode cables
  • Remove the victim's shirt, shave excess hair and wipe the chest
  • Place one pad at the angle of the right collarbone and sternum
  • Place the other pad under the left nipple on the side of the chest
  • Tell everyone to stand clear (say "Stand clear everybody, nobody touch the victim. Stand clear everybody, analyzing now".)
  • Press analyze
  • The AED will then tell you what to do


If "Shock is not advised" check pulse and if no pulse perform CPR for 2 minutes. Then press analyze again.
If "Shock is advised"

Be sure that the victim is lying flat

Scissors, a razor and a cloth are provided in the AED kit. For women, cut the bra and remove it.

AED placement

Anterolateral placement of pads

Click to clear victim

Click to analyze