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  • Look, listen and feel for 5-10 seconds (count one-one thousand, two-one thousand, three-one thousand…)
    • Look for the chest to rise and fall
    • Listen for sounds of breathing
    • Feel for breaths on your cheek
  • If not breathing pinch nose and make a mouth-to-mouth seal
  • Give 2 breaths
  • Each breath should be delivered in 1 second and should produce visible chest rise



If the breaths do not go in (the cheeks puff out and the air comes back out), re-tilt the head and try again. If the breaths still do not go in, look inside the victim's mouth for foreign objects (including the tongue that may be obstructing the airway). If you see an object, remove it by sweeping/hooking with your finger. If you do not see an object, perform 30 chest compressions (like CPR) in order to dislodge the obstruction. Then re-check the mouth and attempt to give 2 breaths. Only when 2 successive breaths pass can you proceed to the next step, circulation.

Click to give a breath